Our audience

Having 60 years of experience, in a central and privileged geographical position we are able to cater for all kinds of people.


On the D-DAY beaches, Les Tourelles welcomes you for a Norman hiking stay, from the Bessin sunken paths by the cliffs of La Hague to « le Pays d’AUGE »

Our strengths for your hikes !

  • Nearby D-Day landing beaches
  • Hiking to La Hague


Trippers : The rich Normandy heritage offers you a wide range of activities.
Assembly & family events : 10 years of experience in event management will make your reception unforgettable.

Our strengths
on groups !

  • D-Day beaches tour
  • Mont Saint Michel, Honfleur, Isigny fudges specialities
  • The Bayeux Tapestry

School trips

Normandy has a rich historic background with plenty of renowned sites and natural environments. On a D-DAY beach, Les Tourelles can accommodate your school trip and provide a large choice of themes like: marine environment, historic heritage and many others...

Our strengths
on school trips !

  • Nearby D-DAY beaches
  • Securing area
  • 10m away beach


Les Tourelles with their situation can bring you a wide range of activities and entertainments. During your stay you will be able to mix, hiking, history activities, diving or many others new activities with themed evenings.

Our strengths
fo families !

  • A wide range of activities and entertainments
  • Family atmosphere
  • Privileged geographical situation

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